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Rainie Yang Idol & Photo

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Chinese Name: Yang Cheng Lin (杨丞琳)

Birthday: June 4, 1984

Height: 161cm

Weight: 42kg

Was part of girl band 4inLove (now disbanded)

First love: 16 years old

People most loved: mother and older sister

Motto: Trying doesnt mean success, but not trying will definitely not succeed

Qualities looked in a boy: motivated, respect elders, athletic, healthy, good physique, 175cm or taller

Favorite artist: Tony Leung

Favorite singer: Beyonce

First thing to do in the morning: drink 500cc of water

Profession if didn't enter showbiz: kindergarten teacher or make-up artist

Favorite hairstyle: bangs

Favorite attire in private: pantsuits (must be feminine), refuse to wear skirts no matter what (other than when it's required for work)

Favorite things: cute or creative stickers, things that sprinkle/shine

Least favorite things: dolls, stuffed animals, or things that are too girly

Favorite food: Taiwanese fried chicken, Chinese bbq, Japanese food, Italian food

Least favorite food: things that have to do with grinded meat like dumplings and buns, Chinese sausages

Favorite color: black, white, gray

Favorite fruit: other than kiwi, like everything

Favorite signs: heart and music note

Singers whose songs most be sung when at KTV: Stephanie Sun, Namie Amuro, Yvette Liang.

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